IHP Hospitality Group is a family owned corporation founded in 1991 by Jesús Ruiz and his wife Nanny Colón. IHP Hospitality’s mission is to provide superior customer service by pursuing excellence and acting with integrity. It all began with a vision to build a business where the human connection in customer service would be its most valuable asset.

The Ruiz-Colón family are characterized for embracing change, adapting quickly to market trends and developing innovative projects with a customer-centered approach. IHP Hospitality were pioneers in urban hotel developments that quickly gained market traction among locals and has attracted tourists internationally. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the company manages  franchises such as  Marriott® Courtyard®, Howard Johnson®, Best Western Hotel Collection®, as well as individual property hotels like Punta Borinquen Resort, and Hotel Parador el Faro located in the northern and western side of the island.



To offer an enriching experience to our customers and guests through an unparalleled hospitality experience. Our team will set and uphold proudly the highest standards of service.



To provide a genuine Caribbean experience by innovating and evolving the hospitality services we offer


Core Values

Integrity and Innovation: We promote a culture of integrity at all levels of our corporation, and with our clients. We strive to deliver the highest standards of service through innovative practices always redefining what customer service is all about.

Hospitality is paramount to our success. We are passionate about providing an unparalleled guest experience.

People focused: We deeply believe that people are the strength of our company. It is our commitment to always treat people with dignity and respect and promote a culture of kindness. We will always empower our associates, foster a collaborative and selfless environment, and develop future leaders.

Our Committment

Social Impact


Embrace and respect diversity-create an inclusive environment, passion to support local economic development

Embrace and respect diversity

At IHP Hospitality we firmly believe in inclusion at all levels of our organization. To foster respect for one another in the workplace, and to embrace cultural diversity because change starts within. 

Committed with Economic Development

Our commitment is in creating activities and opportunities in the hospitality industry that drive true economic development. From hiring local talent who work our facilities, to supporting local produce businesses.

We love

what we do.

Our commitment is with our customers, we strive to provide an unparalleled hospitality experience.