Our History

Jesus Ruiz Brignoni and his wife Bienvenida “Nany” Colon, a Baby-Boomer couple, married in the mid 1960’s. They have both been entrepreneurs since their beginnings, both descended from families dedicated to agriculture in Puerto Rico. Recently married, Jesus worked for the Government of Puerto Rico, while his wife tended to various businesses, agricultural in nature, but one in particular occupied their first two decades of marriage. His wife, Nany, together with their children who worked arduously since they were young, managed a business of office supplies and furniture, serving customers in the North West region of Puerto Rico.

The desire to change businesses in preparation for his retirement from Government, moved Jesus Ruiz to venture in the tourism industry. It all started with his first development in 1990, with Hotel El Faro, in the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Time has transpired from this moment, and like all economic cycles, there have been moments for consolidation and expansion within the business. IHP Hospitality is a company with a clear vision, believing and recognizing the importance of human capital in the function of a prosperous economy. From the moment the company developed, they have constructed and operated their hotels. The tourism industry offers the opportunity to promote and contribute to the growth of the island’s economy, and from this, the reason IHP Hospitality was created.

We love

what we do.

Our commitment is with our customers, we strive to provide an unparalleled hospitality experience.